Look at the features   This is a server, but not necessarily what yours will look like   What Service are you wanting?

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Email Addresses
Your own control panel
Fast Efficient Servers
Database Access
Hosted on Windows or Unix - your choice
Monthly Payments
Usage Statistics
Spam Filter - Optional
Mail Forwarding



If you are a bit of an expert, fancy designing your own space, uploading your own changes. You will get your own control panel and have everything under your own control.

If you just want to get on with other things, like selling your product, marketing your company, doing what you are best at, then maybe you require someone else to do your computing for you. All you have to do is handle the incoming leads which a well designed website will bring.

Just ask for what you want. The costs of everything will be explained. What you pay will depend just on what you want Blackcap to do.