IBM 'i Series' - AS/400       PC / Networked systems

Whether its a new system, or maintaining a legacy system. We have skills in RPG, OCL and have been dealing with IBM midrange computers since their launch.. eons ago. The AS/400 range is now called the 'i series' and if you have one, and want to maintain your well loved system. We have the skills to help you do that.

If you want to get onto a PC based system, and need all that wonderful data converted to a format the new system can understand, we have done this procedure many times, and probably from the AS/400 to the system to which you wish to migrate.

If your needs are to keep your 'i series' running well, then we are very experienced in making them fast and secure.



If you are running your business using a database, or even in excel, and want to have an application built, this can be done in Delphi.

Maybe the time has come to purchase an accounts package. We run Quickbooks here, and can help with all aspects of setup and running.